"Excellence in Recovery": The host committee



A better, clearer scan of the obverse of the event invitation here, suitable for downloading.

Sometimes it's the dog that doesn't bark, etc. etc. (to paraphrase Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). In this case, that would seem to be Dr. Ed Blakely, our recovery czar, who appears nowhere on this invite for a celebration of "excellence in recovery." No one seems to know why Ed Blakely isn't on there, and I'm surprised Gordon Russell at the Times-Pic didn't include that detail in his story. (And when is nola.com going to do something about the disgusting f-ing racists who use their reporter's stories as a public toilet in the comment section? We take down that crap when it appears on Gambit, and I'm sick and tired of defending my city from outsiders who read that ignorance.)

Sheer editorializing: Some commenters on nola.com (I put on hip waders and disinfectant and go in there so you don't have to) seem to think that Jackie Clarkson was "caught" in something and is now trying to disassociate herself from the event. Those people don't quite get the longstanding, less-than-delightful relationship between Clarkson and Nagin. Yell at me all you want, but I believe that - whatever you think of our city council prez - it's pretty clear to me that the lady got sandbagged on this one.

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