"Excellence in Recovery": Bernardo speaks



I've just talked to Bernardo, one of the event co-chairmen of the Excellence in Recovery Host Committee that's putting on the Tribute to the Recovery of New Orleans on Aug. 22, honoring Mayor Ray Nagin with the Award of Distinction for Recovery, Courage, and Leadership.

We talked for a while, but Bernardo didn't want to go on the record answering any specific questions or make any public statement about the matter. He said that all inquiries about the Excellence in Recovery Host Committee should go to Stewart Juneau, one of his fellow co-chairs.

I told Bernardo that I spoke to Stewart last night, and he reiterated that all queries should go directly to Stewart Juneau.

Bernardo finished up by inviting me, as Stewart did, to the party next Friday, and hoped I'd write an honest story the next day. You betcha.

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