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According to the blog of b.rox, one native New Orleanian up north has come up with a great idea. As an American Express member, this guy David (friend of b.rox) has entered some kind of Members Project Contest, whereby he proposes an idea that American Express would then fund if it gets enough public support. Informal though this announcement is, it sounds like a pretty good idea.

What does David want to do? He wants to provide geothermal heat pumps for low-income homeowners in New Orleans.

For those of you who still haven't heard about the Global Green house in Holy Cross, geothermal is the method which they employ to cool and heat the house. It is a carbon free method of heating and cooling that uses the constant temperature found just below the surface of the earth. By running water through a system of pipes below ground, the water is brought to a steady temperature and is then brought through the house where air blows across the pipes, either cooling or heating the space accordingly.

Providing geothermal heat pumps to low-income homeowners would not only reduce their carbon footprint but will also help them save tons of money on entergy bills.

BUT, in order to win, the project has to show public support. Anyone can vote on it, and if the proposal wins, $100-$150,000 would be donated to fund the project. B.Rox has also nominated Global Green to manage the project.

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