Did the Houston Chronicle jinx the peace between Saints and Texans?


texans saints tussle

Check out the lead to this Houston Chronicle article that was posted at 12:22 a.m. on Thursday.

There were no signs of fist fights. Not even any loud yelling.

Unlike the multiple fights between the Rams and Titans at a joint practice last week, handshakes and hugs were much more visible when the Texans and New Orleans Saints took the field Wednesday.

Less than ten hours later and we have the situation pictured above. It really wasn't much of anything, just a quick scrum, but what must it be like to send a story to print and then have it rendered irrelevant less than half a day since it was posted. And considering many people might not have read the story until yesterday morning, it had to be no more than 4 hours from the time morning commuters in Houston checked out the paper and the fight happened.

Could this be why traditional newspapers are said to be dying out?

Also, call me naive, but I found it a little odd that some media members expressed that they were waiting for the a fight to happen. I know training camp has been pretty boring in terms of injury news and colorful stories (with apologies to Hollis Thomas and Drew Brees' goatee), but should we really be thankful for seeing a random act of violence on a football field? Oh, wait, nevermind.

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