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The Times-Picayune editorial page today...great stuff. Stephanie Grace takes on NOAH and gets in some typically blunt observations:

That's why [Nagin] lashed out at reporters pursuing the story for breaking it while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a high-level Congressional delegation were in town.

But what Nagin doesn't seem to understand is that the way to avoid embarrassment in front of Congress is not to do anything embarrassing in the first place.

Opposite Stephanie is a haunting image by T-P photographer John McCusker, along with a beautiful personal essay titled "Three Years Later, Storm's Ghosts Linger."

And then, holding down the page like an anchor, there's Maude Maureen Dowd, with yet another one of her Hardball-ready, Beltway-chatter pop culture looks at a serious topic: the selection of the next president.

In 17 paragraphs, she manages to mention The Dark Knight; refer to Barack Obama as "Beanpole Guy," "No Drama Obama," and "Nobama"; reference "Clintonistas" and "Hillaryworld," and slip in one of those seemingly computer-generated random analogies that attempt to pass for insight:

Bill Clinton is "starting to make King Lear look like Ryan Seacrest."

(If anyone can explain that one to me, you get a cookie. An anise one. From Brocato's.)

The T-P has come under fire for cutting down its Monday editorial page, and I've had sympathy for them; no one at the paper wants to do it, but them's the realities of newspaper publishing these days. But at a time when New Orleans is bulging with enough homegrown news to fill five papers, why waste space on someone who can be read elsewhere on the 'Net, someone who seems to have been phoning it in for years now, someone who's all Jon Stewart attitude without Jon Stewart insight?

Newspapers are trying a lot of new approaches these days. What about an all-local editorial page, with multiple points of view geared specifically to the regional interests of those who are reading it? Call it hyper-local opinion. Call it locavore journalism. Just don't call Maureen Dowd any more. Please.

She's making Lady Macbeth look like Kim Kardashian. (MoDo, if you're reading: you can have that one. For free.)


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