Meet your new defensive lineman: Fried conch cook McCray


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Bobby McCray practice

"I'm not an oyster fan," Bobby McCray said. "I never ate an oyster before."

McCray's explaining why, when coach Sean Payton and general manager Mickey Loomis tried to court him in the offseason, the former Jacksonville Jaguar defensive lineman turned down Drago's famous grilled oysters.

"I told Payton that if he tries conch salad or fried conch, I'd try the oysters," McCray said. "He was a no go so I couldn't do it either."

The difference, McCray explains, is that fried conch or conch salad is a togher meat, but it can be tenderized and goes great with a good salsa. Also, it's completely out of the shell when you eat it.  McCray said that his mother and grandmother make the best conch and that he might whip out that recipe for his fellow defensive lineman later on this season.


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