"Bad Gambit! No Soup For You!"


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Bruce Biles, the self-described "Editilla O'rilla d'Aphasia" who blogs daily at the New Orleans News Ladder, has big problems with this week's Gambit commentary, "End the War of Words," which called for a rapproachment of sorts between the group Levees.org and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Here's his rebuttal, titled "Editilla Hates Squeezably Soft Issues". A sample:

Gambit, do not ask us to support ASCECORPS, the very Perps responsible for flooding our city. They had no intention of doing anything even remotely like this 8/29 Investigation. They were offered participation and refused. They have crimes to hide, hence a true, honest public peer review works contrary to their aims.

If you care about the levee battles, I hope you read what Bruce has to say...and if you're not familiar with his unique vernacular style, I hope you enjoy that as well. Thanks for reading, Editilla...and thanks for caring so much about the city.

(I know I'll be adding the phrase "bullskidoo spinfiltration" to my everyday vocabulary.



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