The New York Times profiles Karen Gadbois



The NYT profiles the woman whose Squandered Heritage blog got the entire NOAH investigation going. You can't get more acknowledgment than this:

[I]t has set off a bomb that has exploded in slow motion here in the past three weeks, largely thanks to Ms. Gadbois: the federally financed program to gut and repair the storm-damaged homes of the poor and elderly, on which the city spent $1.8 million, has been exposed as — at least partly — a sham.

The F.B.I. on Monday raided the agency running the program, the local United States attorney announced last week he was investigating, and Mayor C. Ray Nagin, hauled grudgingly before the City Council, complained about what he called “amateur investigations,” a reluctant nod to Ms. Gadbois and her followers in the news media.

One caveat: Gadbois may have "followers in the news media," but make no mistake; in this story, she is the news media.

Amazing. Amazing. And so well-deserved. Congratulations, Karen Gadbois.

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