Welcome to Mandeville - I am not a crook



Imagine the response from the public if Ray Nagin commandeered the entire front page of the official City of New Orleans Web site to launch a defense of his handling of the NOAH program.

He didn't, of course. But here's what visitors see when they go to the official Web site of the city of Mandeville:


...Eddie. Um. Wouldn't a press release have sufficed? Seriously?

Is that the first message Mandeville wants to present to the world?

Mandeville: When citizens, vacationers, sightseers, convention planners, or just plain folks come to your city's Web site, do you want them looking at a belligerent, defensive missive from your mayor BROADCASTING THE FACT THERE'S A CALL FOR HIM TO RESIGN...and that he's not doing it??

Because if you do...you've kinda lost your right to sneer at the Southshore. Say what you want about Ray Nagin (Lord knows we do), but he's smart enough not to turn New Orleans' official Web site into a billboard for his own failings.

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