"That's What [an 8/29 Investigation] Is"



Sandy Rosenthal from Levees.org  says she read Gambit Weekly’s recent commentary “End the War of Words”, which advocates for Levees.org and the American Society of Civil Engineers to join forces in support of an 8/29 Investigation. Rosenthal says she was “intrigued” by Tom Jackson’s comments that an 8/29 Commission shouldn’t be about blame, “but rather should examine critical ‘soft issues’ such as how the Corps as a military organization works with Congress and the president in proposing flood-control projects in terms of cost and authorization.”

     "As a past president of ASCE, I think they would support that kind of investigation at the drop of a hat,” Jackson said.

     Rosenthal says that the 8/29 Investigation bill — Landrieu introduced a bill on the Senate floor and Rep. Charlie Melancon (D-LA) has introduced a version of the bill to the House of Representatives — was written by Levees.org with the help of Sen. Vitter and Sen. Landrieu’s staff, and is about finding out what led to the failures of 8/29 and how to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


“When [Tom Jackson] talks about what [the 8/29 Investigation] should be — that’s what it is,” Rosenthal says.

     Rosenthal also says she wants to be perfectly clear that Levees.org’s fight is with ASCE’s administration and its review of the Corps’ investigation into the levee failures and not with the ASCE’s membership. The only problem Rosenthal has with the membership is that it has been silent in regards to the accusations of ethical misconduct committed by the ASCE administration.

     “The membership of ASCE has been loath to step up and stand by us because of a brotherhood bond and fear of retribution,” Rosenthal says. “And I speak from experience.”

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