Where the baristas sport Sean Hannity tattoos...



A coffeehouse in Crown Point, Ind. is carving out some room in the marketplace by catering to the Fox & Friends caffeine fiends. Enya on the sound system? More like Toby Keith, methinks...

From the moment customers enter the front door, A Conservative Café is serving up caffeinated doctrine.Ann Coulter books sit stacked by the fireplace and a picture of President Reagan hangs on the wall. Fox News plays on all the televisions and stock market quotes scroll along an electronic ticker above the cash register.Behind the counter, owner Dave Beckham smiled proudly in a T-shirt with the face of Uncle Sam on it that read "Zip It Hippie."The T-shirt is for sale at the cafe. So are others, including one with a peace sign that says "Peace Through Superior Firepower.""It's a change from the traditional liberal bastion coffeehouses," Beckham said. "No one is going to bad-mouth America in here."

Besides being kinda hilarious...it's actually a pretty smart business move. The only surprise is that no one in Louisiana thought of it first.

What would a Louisiana conservative coffeehouse call itself?

Café du Crouere?

Perkins' Perks?

Morning Call Girl?

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