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When I was a kid, I lived for Sunday mornings and the funny pages. Not any more. They've got a lot of problems -- they're stale, they require a Hubble telescope to read them -- but the biggest problem is that the funny pages are no longer funny. (I'm looking at you, Cathy.)

Gambit runs two regular comics -- the brilliant Suspect Device and This Modern World -- but two comics are not enough. So I've come up with a couple of Sunday-morning solutions...

The Houston Chronicle has a web app that allows you to build your own personalized comics page. Most of the comics are the same lamers that appear in the daily, but there are a few good ones in there too. Go here to pick the comics you like -- then bookmark the page and you'll have your own personalized comics section.

My other bookmark is Cartoonists With Attitude, which is a loose consortium of "alternative" toon jockeys who have banded together on the Web. From there I can read some cartoons that actually make me laugh, including Jen Sorensen's Slowpoke, Brian McFadden's Big Fat Whale, and Keith Knight's K Chronicles, among others. (Disclosure: Matt Bors, who's one of the brightest young political cartoonists on the scene, is a friend, and I love his strip Idiot Box.)

It's not the same as spreading out on the rug with a mug of Quik and the old funny pages, of course...but it's better than Hi and Lois.

I'm always looking to read more. What are your favorite cartoons?

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