To All My Peeps



I bet you’re wondering what happened to me. I’m sorry to have abandoned you amid your burgeoning interest in local eating. I fell off the wagon, dropped below the radar, lost momentum. And I blame it all on my mother. Well, more like I blame it on the fact that she came to town for two weeks and we had lots of dining out to do. Then it gradually snowballed from there. But I’m getting back to it.


I’ve discovered this can’t work if you’re completely debilitated by guilt. So I’ve decided not to feel guilty and try again. Maybe I’ll even see you at the Farmer’s Market this morning. It’s fine day out there to go to market, I’ve been up for two hours already and there’s a cool breeze, moderate sun. Grab your broad-rimmed hat, recycled grocery bike and get out there!!


Also… I know heirloom tomatoes are already gone, but check out this book I got on sale the other day.. it’s full of heirloom tomato recipes. Really cool!!!

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