Some Like it Hot



I like my taquerias cheap, my Mexican soap operas titillating and my salsa blazingly hot. . .but this is ridiculous.

Taqueria Guerrero, a Mid-City taco shop I reviewed way back when, has the hottest salsa I've ever tasted. The recipe changes up frequently, from rusty orange, chunky salsas to smooth, green versions, but they are usually alarmingly hot.

Today's example (pictured above) was no exception. Though it looked cool and refreshing, the first bit of it I got from a chip dunk sent my mouth into a panic. From then on, it got very deferential treatment from me. A light, fork-prong dab of it was enough to properly heat up any bite of lunch.

Some other highlights of the visit: a $6.50 burrito that was almost too big to finish (almost, I am a professional after all); a montage of Spanish-language soap operas of desperate damsels and stoic millionaires blaring away on the restaurant's 52-inch flat-screen TV; and an altar in the corner of the room with a large grim reaper statue, three burning novena candles, two snubbed-out cigars and one bottle of tequila with a single shot poured and waiting.

Maybe there's more to this salsa than just earthly peppers.

- Ian McNulty

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