Drew Brees' Training Camp Ensemble


drew brees goatee

With all due respect to Tony Kornheiser, my eyes don't see "Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean," as he described the Saints QB during last night's ESPN telecast. Probably because Brees usually cuts his hair, doesn't braid his whiskers and isn't, you know, a fictional movie pirate. Personally, I see more of a Ed Norton in a Saints uniform. That is, without the going to prison or turning large and green. Apparently, Brees said that his goatee and shaggy hair are part of his "training camp ensemble." Here's hoping he keeps it through the regular season.

I've also included a collection of pictures that turned up when I searched "famous goatees," if only because the internet is an incredible resource and I couldn't work these pics into coherent links in my story. I would venture to say that Brees and the Green Arrow share a resemblance, though.

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