Hmmm. The long-rumored front-page facelift. Fancy fancy:


(For some reason, I get a sign-on screen whenever I go to the new page, but if I hit "cancel" it takes me right in....)

What do you think? Easier to use? Easier to read? Harder to find what you want?And what do you make of the fact that the words "Times-Picayune" are barely visible on the page?

(For those who don't know -- Nola.com is owned by Advance Internet, which uses the Times-Pic's content; the two are corporate second cousins, sort of, and not the same thing at all...as anyone who works at either company will be glad to tell you at extreme and sometimes profane length.)

Here's Nola.com's breakdown about the changes...which is also scant on mentions of The Times-Picayune itself...despite the fact that the newspaper provides much if not most of the current content. Make of that what you will.

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