Craigslist's search for the #1 Saints fan


Saints fan

Craigslist is an excellent resource. But, on occasion, it can lead to more questions than answers. Take this post, for instance:

Are you the #1 Saints fan? Do you watch every second of every game - multiple times? To you have interesting ideas about the team and the NFL? Can you put those ideas into regular blog postings? If so, I have the perfect opportunity for you. I run a New Orleans Saints fan / blog site and I need some real fans who would like to write regular blog postings for the site. The site has a modest amount of traffic already so I am making a little bit of money from the site which I will split with the other bloggers. So you can even earn a little money doing something you love.

First of all, who is this person running this Saints "fan / blog site" and which site is it? Secondly, isn't it a bit counter-intuitive to claim that you run a "New Orleans Saints fan / blog" site and then ask for "real fans" to write for it? Is this person saying they aren't a "real fan" (at the very least, they've already made it clear that they're not the #1 Saints fan cause they're actively searching for it)? Also, since this site is presumably up and running — with a "modest amount of traffic" — doesn't it undermine everything you've done and compromise your "modest" readership by admiting that you aren't the Saints #1 fan (or even a "real fan")?

I've e-mailed these questions to the Craigslist posting. Hopefully this person won't take offense to my critiques, as I fuly support any and all Saints fan blogs and their growing prosperity (if only becaues it gives me more places to link to and thus making my life easier).

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