Tonight, in "As the NOAH Turns"



Sorry, Jon Stewart; I've got a new Daily Show.

I've become addicted to Lee Zurik's reports on WWL's 10 p.m. news about the ongoing NOAH saga. Tonight's episode was typically excellent.

Clancy is hip-deep in hip waders in a beautiful Montana stream with his son, catching fish and thinking about better things, but this latest installment of As the NOAH Turns made me wonder just what the legal ramifications could be (hypothetically speaking, of course) about any or all of what Zurik was reporting.

...Clancy? You in range of a WiFi signal up there? Care to opine?

Also of note, to me, was the way Mike Hoss closed the report:

In addition, on July 29, Eyewitness News filed a public records request with the city, to view all of the invoices paid to contractors for the NOAH home remediation program. State law allows the city three days to hand over or provide access to those documents. The city attorney's office has not said when WWL-TV can view those requested materials.

This all seems relevant to last weekend's discussion of whether the Times-Pic should throw down in court over the public documents law. It also seems like a warning shot across the City Hall bow.

Interesting. In the meantime, at 10 p.m., I'll be tuning in for The Daily Show With Lee Zurik.

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