The Radiators and the troops



A press release, but a pretty cool one, about The Radiators and how they'll be sending copies of their latest CD to American soldiers overseas...

Based in New Orleans, The Radiators have been rocking fans across America for decades. Now they are spreading their music around the world with a donation of nearly 3,000 CDs to the troops. Soldiers' Angels will be receiving the donation and including CDs in some of the thousands of care packages it ships overseas each month....Soldiers' Angels is honored and grateful to assist The Radiators in their efforts to support the troops, and will make The Radiators their Featured Artist for August on the Soldiers' Angels homepage.

I'd never heard of Soldiers' Angels, but I liked this essay on the group's Web site, as written by an anonymous MP:

When I get a box (or anyone else gets a box) its hard to describe. You find a nice quiet corner and everyone knows not to bother you. You sit there and look over the box as if you had never seen anything like it before. You read who it's from, and a smile crosses your face--you recognize the name. You might already know what's inside, but it does not matter. Some tear it open as fast as they can, others take their time and enjoy every second of it.

Once inside, you go through it, every little item once, twice, sometimes three times. It's a very delicate process. You breathe it in and you think of the person who sent it to you. You think of home, family, cars, summer--everything all at once. And for a very short time, you are there away from this SH*T hole. You are grateful. Then you look around and there's always a buddy who is down or having a bad day. You share your box--sometimes just with the one guy, sometimes with everyone--and it's electric. Everyone catches that feeling, and we start talking about home, about things we miss, things we are going to do when we get back, and the heaviness of the day lifts and it's not so bad.

Inspired to help? Here's the hookup.

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