Access Hollygrove: what the local celebri-yats are up to



- Morgan Freeman injured in "very serious" car crash in Mississippi, along with that favorite personage of the tabloid press, the Unidentified Female Companion. The Los Angeles Times has more:

Even though he's a hot property in Hollywood, Freeman still calls Mississippi home.

He and his wife, Myrna, live near Charleston, Miss., on a 126-acre ranch with a main house, peach trees and horse stables.

Freeman built the ranch on the same land his grandparents worked, which is where he spent much of his childhood.

- Some couple from the Lower Quarter had twins, photographs of which fetched $14 million from People magazine. (Yes, the money goes to charity, and no, our national priorities are not out of whack, not a bit.) For those who are interested:


- USA Today is the latest to profile Dr. John and his new CD City That Care Forgot. It's an OK piece, but the last quote is worth repeating:

"That's because you have loving people here. People will feed you, clothe you, put you up. Sharing is as much a part of the culture as music. And we're proud of our culture, as wacked as it may be."

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