The Chinese don't think Chris Paul deserves a nickname


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chris paul at Peja

So asked a bunch of Chinese NBA fans to give their favorite players some nicknames. Some funny ones include "German Racecar" (Dirk Nowitzki) and "Africa's Big Mountain" (Dikiembe Mutombo). Well, not funny as much as they are direct.

Notably absent though is Hornets point guard Chris Paul. Either the Chinese think he was undeserving (which is confusing considering fringe players Cuttino Mobley, Damon Stoudomire and Zydrunus Ilgauskus go on the list) or they haven't heard of him (which could explain it, since it was done before the 2007 season).

Thanks to the good folks at Deadspin for finding a Chinese name translator. Chris Paul, here's your Chinese name: Bai Shi hao. Kind of catchy, actually.


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