Ah, to be a rookie in the NFL




Ellis carrying pads

"I'm not one of those guys that tries to act all big time," Sedrick Ellis said Wednesday. "I'm a rookie and that's my place right now. It's just my role right now, I'll play along with it."

As you can see, Ellis is fulfilling his duties as a rookie, going above and beyond by carrying five sets of shoulder pads off the practice field (he had two under his right arm that you can't see in this picture). From the looks of things, Ellis already had four sets of pads and some opportunistic offensive player placed his white jersey and pads over the rookies head.

At least he wasn't the only one who had to carry pads though:

Carl Nicks carrying pads

Brian Stamper carrying pads

Carl Nicks, top, struggled mightily to get down the hill without dropping the pads while Brian Stamper, bottom, laughed the whole way down.

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