Sedrick Ellis talks really, really fast.


ellis squat

Like crazy, super fast. Like so fast that his-almost-10-minute-press-conference-felt-like-just-under-five-minutes fast. Like I-thought-he-was-from-California-what's-the-deal? fast.  Like — OK, y'all get the picture.

Ellis, who didn't seem like he was in any particular hurry, did talk like he was catching up for the last week or so he had been holding out. He touched on a wide range of points like the weather ("You can't really prepare for the weather down here in the South"); defensive line coach Ed Orgeron's coaching style ("He's a screamer"); and how his teammates have been treating him ("One thing I noticed about this team and the older guys, they don't try to big time you. They try to help you and pull you along to make this a better defense and a better team").

Aside from Ellis finally signing and getting in his reps, the other big story of the day was the incessant heat that beat down on the field despite showers earlier in the day. Quite a few reporters estimated that this was the hottest day of training camp and even the coaches were drenched in sweat after the afternoon workout.

Ellis, for his part, said that he was in Tampa while his contract was being negotiated so that he could be in a similar climate as Jackson, Miss. because the weather in southern California was a little too nice.

"Tampa was pretty humid, it was pretty hot," he said. "I think that week helped me a lot. I definitely had to get out of California because that weather was a little bit too good."

He also reminded the press corps that there was an earthquake in California yesterday, so the weather out West isn't perfect.

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