Coach Payton knows how to beat the heat


Coach payton

Guess what? It has more to do than just wearing white (although that certainly helps). In anticipation of the downright miserably hot weather that afflicts summers in Jackson (and the rest of the midwest), Payton had a cooling tent (that big white thing in the background of the above pic) installed next to the Saints practice fields complete with air conditioning.

"There are some other teams using it. Mickey [Loomis] and I talked about it a year ago and having that," he said. "Then this year Mickey said, 'Hey what do you think about us looking into this?'"

Well, look into it they did and now Saints players have a place to cool off during one extended break as opposed to just taking three or four small breaks and still being in the sun.

"The whole idea is for six or seven minutes to cool the core body temperature and really prevent any type of heat exhaustion," Payton said."You don't want to get into a situation where everyone's just running plays and everyone's just trying to survive practice."

This is just the latest in coach innovations that help to cool off players during the hottest portions of training camp, but with the addition of air conditioning, it's definitely the coolest(!).

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