In defense of Joyola



As Kevin Allman mentioned in a previous post, Loyola and Tulane not-so-surprisingly snagged spots on the Princeton Review’s party school list for this year.


As a student at the less famous Uptown university, this is simultaneously hilarious and embarrassing, especially since the only other lists Loyola appears on are “Lots of Hard Liquor,” “Students Study the Least,” “Town-Gown Relations Are Great” (or, “Loyal Patrons of Area Bars”) and … “Best College Library.”


I can’t help to wonder if the Princeton Review people have ever visited to the J. Edgar & Louise S. Monroe Library. Sure — in pictures it looks good, with its cool computers and large-screen televisions, but it’s really just a thinly-veiled trading post for Adderall around finals time. There’s also an entire Facebook group devoted to getting busy (and I’m not talking about studying) in the library’s “vast learning facilities.” It more closely resembles a crowded bar at times than it does a learning hub.


But when I’m not consuming excess amounts of hard liquor or not studying in our award-winning library, I’ve managed to get a pretty decent education. And because our classes are small (possibly because of low attendance…), I’m afforded an “intimate” learning experience and close relationships with my professors, who have provided useful job connections. Overall, I feel like I’ve had a quality college experience at the good value of only 30 thousand dollars a year.


(At least we didn’t fare as poorly as University of New Orleans, who only made the “Ugliest Campus” and “Dorms Like Dungeons” lists. Yikes.)


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