Clear Channel makes the move into Internet radio



Last month I wrote a story about Internet radio, its potential for keeping Louisiana music alive and finding fresh audiences, and new federal regulations that small Web broadcasters feared would put them out of business. While the new Congressional regulations purport to support musical artists and compensate them for Internet radio play, the little guys who champion the artists and broadcast the music from their living room computers insisted that the new fees were instead all about quashing competition and un-leveling the playing field.

Looks like they may have a point:

Clear Channel unveils online radio network with 900-plus stations

Clear Channel Communications Inc. said Monday it will launch an online radio network that offers more than 900 stations, including independent online stations....The network will have the widest marketing reach in online radio.

And, no doubt, plenty of duplication of what's already on terrestrial radio, along with those great commercials we all know so well. I have a feeling that if you like what Clear Channel has done to the radio in your car, you're going to love what it does to the radio in your computer.

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