Cash Defines Senate Race



This year’s U.S. Senate race hasn’t exactly shaped up as an exchange of ideas and plans, at least not yet. Incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu, a Democrat, opened the contest by showcasing her successes on earmarks, an issue that challenger John Kennedy, the state’s Republican treasurer, has railed against. 

While Landrieu argues earmarks are a way to deliver jobs for the state, Kennedy calls them pork barrel spending. Earlier in July, the two campaigns traded barbs over fundraising numbers. Eager for a win — any win — Kennedy’s campaign released second-quarter figures to the media that claimed to top Landrieu’s. Yet, according to an Associated Press report, Kennedy’s numbers contained an error — $89,000 in donations was incorrectly reported as the result of an obscure discrepancy. Landrieu’s team wasted little time pointing out in press releases that she out-raised Kennedy $1.54 million to $1.45 million. The latest rhetorical volleys came last week, when Kennedy’s campaign lashed out at Landrieu for raising money with the help of “gun-grabbing liberal” Mike Bloomberg, the formerly Republican mayor of New York who was also formerly registered as a Democrat before dropping party labels altogether last year. The Times-Picayune  reported that Bloomberg was scheduled to host a fundraiser on July 30 for Landrieu at the mayor’s Manhattan townhouse, with an admission price of $1,000 per person. Kennedy’s campaign noted Bloomberg’s anti-gun and pro-gay marriage stances. — Alford

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