Vandalism in the Bywater



Someone seems to have painted over a particularly beautiful Dr. Bob sign -- a sign that was posted on private property -- with some nasty smears of gray paint. Before-and-after photos; language warning ahead. (I'd post the pix here but I don't have permission from the photographer.)

I certainly have no idea who could've done such a thing (and unless you were an eyewitness, neither do you, if you catch my drift), and I don't have a legal background, so I don't know exactly which laws may have been broken. Vandalism? Trespassing? I don't know, but maybe Clancy does. If I see him, I'll ask him.*

* Talk about it here if you like, but I'm asking -- nicely -- for everyone to restrain his/her language, because I'll just have to take the whole thing down otherwise. I'm a guest in this pea patch, and so are you. Are we cool on that?

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