Saturday to-do: NOLA Rising paint party, Ashley Morris benefit



The public art campaign NOLA Rising is having another paint party on Saturday at XO Studios (2833 Dauphine St.; noon to sunset). What's a paint party?

We come out and we paint on salvaged wood or canvas. Then, it's left behind and NoLA Rising distributes it out to a network of non-profits or people who just need artwork after their long road home. We're currently working to use all of this artwork to sell at a show to buy art supplies for selected New Orleans public schools. So, come help us help someone else.
Damn dirty arthippies, trying to make the city more beautiful and buy some art supplies for public schools at the same time! If you want to be a damn dirty arthippie too, head down to XO Studios, bring your paint, bring something to paint on, bring a festive beverage or two.
Then, that evening, One Eyed Jacks is hosting a benefit for the Ashley Morris Foundation, founded in honor of the late blogger, professor and fierce New Orleans partisan who, after the storm, always spoke for the Sam Kinison bubbling just below the surface of our fed-up façades. There'll be a lot going on that evening; the deets are here.

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