Cross-Examination by Ernie


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My good friend Ernie the Attorney, with whom I had the extreme pleasure of practicing law more than a decade ago (we spent a lot more time talking about guitars than law) just sent in an interesting couple of “political questions.”


Where do the fish in Central Park go when the lake freezes?  And how long must I wait by the bank of the river to spot my enemies floating by?


As usual, and like any good trial attorney, Ernie has posed at least one trick question.  As for the fish in Central Park, I don’t think they go anywhere, but I never checked.


The second question is the trickster. The answer, at least in Ernie’s case, is this:  You don’t have any enemies, Ernie. Therefore, you must wait by the bank of the river forever … or at least until they clean up the oil spill … whichever comes first.


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