Nagin, NOAH, and a different perspective



One of my favorite local bloggers is Clifton over at Cliff's Crib; he makes me think, makes me laugh, and writes like a plainspoken dream. Today he brings up a good point about all the TV, blog, and newspaper swarmcoverage of the NOAH brouhaha. Says Cliff:

I am not a fan of Ray Nagin’s management style. I would have liked him to be more aggressive early in the recovery. I thought he was taking a business approach when the citizens needed some inspiration. Even today I have problems with many of the decisions of his administration. You can read archives of this page and see that I have been fussing about Mayor Nagin since I started blogging. While I may not be pleased with his performance as mayor, I never try to turn this man into a crook just because I am mad. There seems to be this obsession with turning this man into a criminal mastermind. Why can’t he just be a bad mayor and nothing more? 
If I may paraphrase, Cliff seems to be saying: Don't necessarily ascribe to malice what might actually be incompetence. Further, he adds:
People hate this man so much that Jim Letten would have indicted him a long time ago if he had something. If I am proved wrong and Ray turns out to be like Bill Jefferson then I will admit it. I just can’t see Mayor Nagin doing anything that foolish with every investigative reporter in the city going through his trash. 
Read the whole thing. What do you think? Does Cliff have, as we say around here, a pernt?

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