Reed the Recycler




You gotta love a politician who practices recycling as part of his campaign, but perennial candidate Morris Reed, a former judge at Criminal District Court, may be taking that notion a tad far.


Reed’s latest race (I’ve lost count as to how many times he has run and lost) is for Section “F” of Criminal District Court. This time, he is re-using the same push cards that he used in his failed bid for Section “A” of Criminal Court last October. Not just the same graphics, slogans and photos — the same cards!


Apparently he had a bunch of the old ones left over. As the attached photos show, he has hole-punched his qualifying number from last year’s race (it was #62), but he apparently didn’t bother to paste over or hole-punch the reference to Section “A” of Criminal Court. As noted above, he’s running for Section “F” this time around.


It probably won’t make any difference — voters in recent years have paid very little attention to Reed anyway. In last year’s outing, he finished fourth in a field of seven, garnering less than 8,900 votes citywide, just shy of 13 percent. Attorney Laurie White ultimately won that race in a runoff last November, and she recently was re-elected without opposition.


This time, Reed is one of five candidates in the race to succeed Judge Dennis Waldron, who announced his retirement earlier this year. He faces Yolanda King, Hunter P. Harris, Robin Pittman and Gary Wainwright.


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