"Ray Nagin" on Twitter!



Courtesy of the incomparable Loki of Humid City, we learn that one "Ray Nagin" is now text-messaging via the Twitter social-networking service, which sends out micromessages known as "tweets" to its users and their friends.

And yet one suspects that the Twitterer known as "raynagin" may not be the same person currently steering the municipal oil barge known as New Orleans. Just check out some of Twitter user "raynagin"'s updates:


time to get my lunch on. Kenya, where'd I leave my credit card?

11:55 AM July 18, 2008 from web


gearing up to cold cock Lee

01:24 PM July 21, 2008 from web


poker night with the bodyguards. Don't wait up, Seletha. Daddy's playin' Texas Hold 'Em.

10:03 PM July 21, 2008 from web


CYA press press conference. Don't tell the press.

about 23 hours ago from web

If you want to keep up with the "mayor," just click here, and enjoy it while it lasts...because something tells me that it won't be long.

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