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We've been slammed here today (and I hope to post on the great Lee Zurik/Karen Gadbois report on WWL-TV last night soon), but a few boldfaced names to chew on in the late afternoon, drawn from the nexus of celebrity and politics...

Jimmy Fahrenholtz: booted from the 2nd district congressional race over a technicality, or not-such-a-technicality?

John Edwards: Mistress, love child, hotel tryst? The National Enquirer throws down. If they're wrong, I hope he owns the company, and if they're right, he's a double-damn dog...

Christian Bale: Batman in trouble in Londinium, accused of assault by his sister and his mother, arrested, out on bail....

Estelle Getty: Golden Girl dead at 84:

Audiences particularly loved the verbal zingers Getty would hurl at the other three. When McClanahan's libidinous Blanche once complained that her life was an open book, Sophia shot back, "Your life's an open blouse."

Rest in peace, funny lady.

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