Goodbye McDonald's, notes from a loco-vore





8:45 am: Excited to go to work because of the locally roasted French Market coffee, local sugar and half and half waiting for me.

9:15 am: Discover local half and half smash hit in office, was poached by other fiends and gone in A day. Go to store to buy more. Label it accordingly: “You touch, you die. Except Noah and KPG,” because they have shared their half and half with me previously.

Also thwarted by discovery that Rouse’s now carries world’s best yogurt, Fage, from Greece. Memories of study abroad in Athens overwhelm. Must purchase.

10:00 am: Eat yogurt from halfway around the world for breakfast, because can’t deal with finding local breakfast at Rouses. Also coffee plus antihistamine for huge swollen fire ant bite on foot. Am shaky…

1:00 pm: Eat a cucumber (again) plus blackberries that came from Arkansas. How far away is Arkansas? Looking forward to farmer’s market at American Can this evening from 3 to 7 pm. I am hungry.

4:00 pm: Drink Abita root beer. Feel sick.

5:45 pm: Get to market to discover nearly every booth completely sold out. Congratulate self on great local food cover story that just must be the reason for droves of people that bought up all the stuff.

5:55 pm: Buy yogurt from Mauthes Dairy, who also sells mozzarella, feta, Creole cream cheese, butter and more. Was nearly sold out too. And tomatoes from Taylor’s Happy Oaks.

6:15 pm: Eat slices of whole-wheat bread from local Voodoo Bakery with leftover French cheese from Bacchanal. And last fig. Hungry hungry hungry. Attempt to come up with way to assure others that local does not mean starvation, just necessitates planning.


9:00 Bring local Paw Paw's honey and Mauthes yogurt to work for breakfast. Excited about not being hungry. Have local coffee too.

11:30: Prepare yogurt with honey, whole wheat bread with a Blue Limey spread from Watershed Farms, berries and cucumbers. Yogurt tastes great, although not as thick as I’d prefer. Coworker suggests freezing yogurt slightly before eating to thicken it.

12:30: Cheat and eat a grab bag of random probably not local dishes for boss’s birthday lunch. Still waiting for them to cut the banana cream pie. What can you do? It’s free.

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