At Least She Wasn’t Wearing a Powder Blue Shirt



Katy Reckdahl’s account in today’s T-P of a harrowing incident involving an unidentified, irate New Orleans policewoman brandishing a gun and hurling vulgarities outside a Treme daycare center — sending kids and parents scurrying for cover — is yet another example of how out-of-whack NOPD is these days. Read the story to get all the details, which Katy (a former Gambit Weekly writer) does a fabulous job of gathering and reporting. Hopefully, the story’s front-page treatment will put some pressure on NOPD brass to identify and discipline the offending officers — both the gun-waving  woman and the male investigating officer who swept the incident under the rug. The incident also provides further proof of why NOPD needs a civilian monitor. (See, Gambit commentaries here, here and here, just to name a few.)

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