Bullish on the French Quarter



Saturday brought the 2nd annual Running of the Bulls through the streets of the French Quarter -- just like the famous event at Pamplona, except with the Big Easy Roller Girls, The Krewe of the Rolling Elvi, and all the other details to transform it into something uniquely New Orleanian.

Participants got up at oh-God-o'-clock on a weekend morning to be chased through the streets by the Roller Girls, who gave them a head start before barrelling after the crowds, culling the herd by smacking stragglers with whiffle bats. (Hard.) You can see lots of pictures over at Loki's great Humid City blog, at Fletcher Mackel's WDSU blog, and on the Flickr group for the event.

Don't tell anyone, but I suspect some of these people may have been drinking.

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