Death can't stop Ernie K-Doe. He's still out in the town (in the person of the K-Doe Statue, and if you don't know what that is, you fail New Orleans 101). In this week's Gambit, Alison Fensterstock tells the improbable story of how K-Doe topped the UK music charts a few months ago, due to his song "Here Comes the Girls" being used in a British cosmetics commercial...which is worth a look:

If you want to celebrate with Ernie and his widow Miss Antoinette, get on down to the Mother-in-Law Lounge on Saturday night, when they'll be celebrating the release of K-Doe's "new" (actually re-released) CD, Here Come the Girls. (The Mother-in-Law was voted #9 in Gambit's recent ranking of New Orleans' best bars.)

And if you can't get "Here Come the Girls" out of your head, you can buy the whole CD here from the Louisiana Music Factory.

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