Oh, Lord, don't tell them about Krewe du Vieux...



Remember last month's media dustup over the Massachusetts high school with the high teen pregnancy rate, and the conflicting reports over whether there was an actual 'pregnancy pact'?

Flash forward to last weekend in the neighboring community of Beverly Farms, which stages an annual 4th of July "Horribles Parade" that's apparently satirical. Among the floats were several that made fun of the baby bump epidemic in nearby Gloucester, and suddenly this year's Horribles Parade is just too horrible for local sensibilities:

Allowing insulting floats in the annual Beverly Farms Horribles parade - including one tossing condoms with candy - has taken the baby bump to a new low, said Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk.

“I’m deeply offended, and there but for the grace of God go your daughter or daughters in any community,” said Kirk when told of the salacious satire.

Even after three Beverly Farms judges walked off, the July 4th pregnancy-pocked parade marched on with men in diapers crawling from between a woman’s legs propped in birthing stirrups and a giant phallus sprayed the crowd as parents and their tots were confronted with signs like, “GHS Girls Went to Band Camps, Came Back Pregnant Tramps.”

What the story doesn't make clear is if this is a traditional event for "parents and their tots," or whether it's, like our own Krewe du Vieux, a raunchy satire for consenting adult spectators. (Yeah, I've seen kids at Krewe du Vieux, too, and they don't belong there, either.)

In either case, it seems like a lot of folks around Gloucester are more upset by drag queens with fake baby-bellies than they are by teenage girls with real baby-bellies...and that's a damn shame. Either way, they should probably steer clear of the Marigny a couple weeks before Fat Tuesday.

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