Congressional Announcements A-Comin’



At least two major opponents of Congressman Bill Jefferson will formally announce their candidacies this week, and more are sure to come.

Helena Moreno and Kenya Smith both will announce tomorrow (Tuesday, July 8). State Sen. Cheryl Gray is weighing her options, and former City Councilman Troy Carter has phoned potential supporters to tell them that he intends to run, but neither has yet sent word of plans for a formal announcement.

Smith, a former top aide to Mayor Ray Nagin, will announce at 5 p.m. in Woldenberg Park. A campaign source says he expects a crowd of supporters to be there, including some high-profile folks like RTA chair Cesar Burgos and New Orleans Jazz Orchestra director Irvin Mayfield.

Moreno will announce an hour later, at 6 p.m., at the Union Passenger Terminal. She has already put together a campaign team, including pollster Ed Renwick and media consultant Greg Buisson. Her friend, Saints exec Rita Benson LeBlanc, will serve as finance chair.

No doubt more will jump into the race as well.  I did a cover story on the race in this week’s Gambit Weekly, which should be online later today (Monday).

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