Letten for Congress Hoax, Part Deux



Whoever is behind the “Jim Letten for Congress” hoax is at it again. This week, another round of postcards was mailed declaring:

“Jim Letten is a native of New Orleans and has served as the United States Attorney since 2001 and he is now seeking election to the US CONGRESS.  


• To continue his efforts to rebuild New Orleans.

• To restore integrity to the Congressional Office.

• To work with the local criminal justice and judicial system.”

Beneath a photo of Letten a caption states: “Yes, he’s READY.” Elsewhere, the postcard states, “Congress District 2” — Bill Jefferson’s district. Letten lives in Metairie, which is not in Jefferson’s district (although, by law, anyone living anywhere in Louisiana can run for any of our state’s congressional seats).

When another faux campaign flier came out several weeks ago, Letten dismissed it as a hoax and stated emphatically that he is not running for office.  He says he also has notified the Justice Department that the “campaign” is a fake.

No doubt someone with a little political savvy (and moxie) is hoping to push Letten into the same trap that ensnared former FBI Special Agent in Charge Jim Bernazzani. Hmmm. Who might that be?

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