The Big Question



The lead supervisor here in Hull is a great guy. But I think he's

somewhat tired of my incessant questions. Or maybe he's put out by my

threatened work stoppage.

Speaking of questions, we are of course being barraged by the one

question everyone else in America wants answered by us: "How did that

(deleted) mayor of yours get re-elected?" For a little while "$90,000"

held the spotlight but that now seems like old news. "Our Mayor" is

the big perplexity about the Big Easy.

After we explain it for the two hundredth time, walking through Mitch

and Uptown Republicans' involvement, they seem to think we're not as

dense as they previously suspected. I'm thinking New Orleans should buy

media space nationwide to offer the Nation an apology and explanation

for "Our Mayor." This would be way more efficient than having to do it

one American at a time.

The rain has let up. It's sunny and 90° meaning we're working in a

steambath. The locals say the Yats should feel right at home.

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