Music Of My Mind: Frightened Rabbit



From the country that brought you Braveheart, here now is Frightened Rabbit. No, this band is not from New Orleans; indeed, it’s the first foreign entry in this Jazz Fest-baiting series. But the Selkirk, Scotland, outfit does happen to be playing in New Orleans, and I would be remiss in my position as Quint Davis’ self-appointed chief antagonist were I not to at least dwell on it for a minute. If Bailey, with his limited Quarter club resources, can summon such a fantastic, imminently cresting rock act to our southernmost island of a city, then surely the well-heeled festivaliants under Davis' employ can as well. “The Modern Leper,” the knockdown opening track from April knockout The Midnight Organ Fight (Fat Cat), is one giant rock climb, its handles and footholds a jagged brogue and a sheer-face wall of bracing guitar. It’s as swell as swells come.

Frightened Rabbit and Oxford Collapse play One Eyed Jacks tonight at 10 p.m.  

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