A Darwinian Veto



 While a growing number of people and media outlets, Gambit Weekly included, want Gov. Jindal to veto the proposed legislative pay raise, that’s not the only bill that should be struck down. Jindal’s pen is getting rusty, and if he wants to warm it up for the squashing of the Legislature’s windfall, then SB 733, Louisiana Science Education Act (aka “Sneaking the Bible into Biology Class”) would be a great place to start

As previously noted, this legislation is a veiled attempt to bring Creationism’s latest incarnation, Intelligent Design, into Louisiana’s classrooms. Just as the Legislature left the pay raise question up to Jindal, they’re leaving the question of science up to the man who majored in biology at Brown University and graduated with honors. In case Gov. Jindal doesn’t know how other states have dealt with this issue, he could always consult with Pennsylvania’s U.S. District and find out why the Discovery Institute’s idea of science belongs in comic books and not text books. And if that’s not enough evidence for our governor, he could look at thisthis and this, and, most of all, remember this. 

Quick question: If Jindal doesn’t veto this bill, should he return his degree to Brown? 

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