Music Of My Mind: Les Poissons Rouges



Finally, a band we can all agree on. The, er, Red Fish makes fairly straightforward, country-informed rock music featuring plainspoken vocals, guitar-based instrumentation and regular time signatures, which, theoretically, should place the band squarely in the crosshairs of Quint Davis and Co. It also happens to be largely under the radar and really, really good, which unfortunately makes it exactly the kind of local rock act that has eluded the Jazz Fest bookers in recent years. “Call Me Baby,” from 2006’s Nashvegas EP, gives us an idea of what Uncle Tupelo might sound like today had Jeff Tweedy not chosen to do battle with Warner Bros. Records instead of Jay Farrar. A giddyup rhythm; a steady acoustic strum; a plaintive, world-weary voice: “Come out around Friday, stay for a day or two/You don’t have to call me baby like you used to.” A sad twang in the lyrics to match the one in the music? Tweedy and Farrar would be proud.

Les Poissons Rouges performs at the Dragon's Den tonight at 10 p.m. 

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