Note to Speeders: Say Cheese!



by Alejandro de los Rios

You know, I used to think that the addage of "you can speed as long as it's not more than 9 mph over the speed limit" was just something abitrarily concoted somewhere (possibly by me, just now). But the City of New Orleans has made it official with the announcement that four intersections equipped with traffic cameras will target speeders who are traveling more than 9 mph over the limit.

From the mayor's office:

"The goal of the photo enforcement program is to make our streets and intersections safer for all citizens," said Robert Mendoza, Director of the Department of Public Works. "We are focused on the prevention of traffic violations while promoting safety on our city streets. Our objective is to reduce accidents and serious injuries."

Three intersections are located on South Carrolton Avenue at Canal Street, Palmetto Street and Earhart Boulevard. There will also be a speed camera in the Central Business District at Poydras and Loyola Ave.

The locations were deterimined after the department of public works "conducted a 96-hour analysis, logging the number of speed violations at each site." The intersection at South Carrollton and Palmetto was determined to be the worst in terms of violations. Fines will range from $40 to $200 with an additional $35 adminstrative fee.

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