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Did you ever notice that the volume on your remote control has two settings? One for the show you’re watching and another, with a much higher range, for airing commercials. In the case of the latter, legendary guitarist Nigel Tufnel put it best: “These go to 11.”

Turn it down. That’s what Congresswoman Anna Eshoo wants to do. Eshoo has proposed the “Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act" (CALM — what some people will do to get a decent acronym). In the bill,

Eshoo requests the FCC develop a regulation that would require advertisements be played at the same volume levels as the programs and not “excessively loud or noisy.”

What? Doesn’t the FCC already regulate the volume of television commercials? Turns out they don’t and that’s because, as the FCC puts it, “Whether or not something is “too loud” is a judgment that varies with each listener.” In other words, according to the FCC, there are people out there who prefer the volume bumped up when they see this.

Is the FCC where future FEMA directors are trained


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