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by Alejandro de los Rios

Drew Bress Baseball
On the one hand, you could say, "Look at that intensity, the focus, the steely glare in his eyes. This guy definitely doesn't want to stay in the minors for long. No sir, he's eyeing the call up." On the other you could say, "Umm...what?"

For those who pick the former, I suggest you refresh yourself on the Saints starting lineup. For the latter, it's best to just remember that it is still the offseason and no, Drew Brees doesn't have any baseball aspirations...that I know of at least.

Turns out this picture is of Drew Brees taking batting practice and, as the folks at Deadspin have reminded us, Brees played baseball bak in high school (Deadspin also reminds us that Brees has "history of rotator cuff and elbow injuries," but we'll ignore that).

The bigger news, it seems, is that it was Ken Oberkfell's last act as manager of the Zephyrs as he and two coaches were called up to the New York Mets to fill the void of recently fired manager Willie Randolph. Of course we wish nothing but the best to Oberkfell and his crew. Queens is supposed to be beautiful this time of year. That is, if you ignore the boos.

(Photo courtesy of New Orleans Zephyrs)


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