Chris Paul Thought College Would Be More like the Movies


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by Alejandro de los Rios

(UPDATED: Went through the transcript of this interview and found some more nuggets, added at the bottom)

Got a chance to talk to Chris Paul and Washington Wizards' All-Star forward Caron Butler last night on the set of "Hurricane Season." The two were on set shooting a cameo shot for the film and I may or may not be in the scene's background, but we'll only find out when the movie hits theaters.

You can read all about it here, but the time I was given with the two NBA players yielded lots of content that didn't make the ESPN piece. Most notably: Chris Paul thought he would be treated like Jesus Shuttlesworth when getting recruited.

"When he went on that visit in the movie, I was young so I thought that's how it was going to be," Paul said, referencing the memorable scene where the main character, Jesus (played by Boston guard Ray Allen), was given the full treatment by a big time college, including a, um, "tour" with some college co-eds. "I'm serious. I thought they'd lay everything out for you," he said.

That's one way to put it. It seems though that reality is not so and, even if it were, Paul said his only official visit was to his alma mater Wake Forest.

This was after discussing Ray Allen's acting merits (both Paul and Butler agreed that Allen wasn't really acting as he was playing himself) and discussing what, if any, previous acting skills the two had.

"Just flopping in the middle of games, that's about it," Butler said.

The two also talked about how their most memorable sports movie and the consensus was anything that showed the true side of basketball.

"You see a lot of movies like that, that don't really reflect on how really are," Butler said.

What is it that those movies get wrong?

"A lot of times we're always portrayed that it's always about money and women and it's not like that," Paul said. "A lot of times people see the nice cars and things like that. Sometimes the movies forget to show all the times when your boys were going out and you were like 'no, I'm gonna go to the gym. Or how many different things you had to sacrifice to get where you are."

"You gotta show the struggle," Butler added.

It was a thoroughly entertaining and interesting discussion. The rest though, is in the ESPN piece. Enjoy.


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