Vitter for V-P?



By: Clancy DuBos

No, it’s not serious — but it is seriously funny. Someone has launched a satirical Web site ( promoting U.S. Sen. David Vitter for vice president over Gov. Bobby Jindal.

“Why David Vitter for vice president? He’s young. He’s from the South. He’s a social conservative. He’s a confirmed hypocrite. In other words, he’s the perfect Republican Party vice presidential candidate in 2008,” the site proclaims, adding, “Vitter puts the vice in vice president.” The site also has links to hilarious “facts” and haikus as well as “merch” — complete with McCain/Vitter T-shirts. Touting Vitter’s political skills, the site notes, “If he can survive the ‘DC Madam’ scandal and the reports of having hired prostitutes in Louisiana, a presidential election campaign should be nothing!” No word yet from the Vitter camp … or from U.S. Sen. John McCain.

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